Intermediate Golf

A question I frequently hear when I was practicing, or a common question Golf Professionals ask is, “Where are you aiming?” Do golfers really work on their targeting or aiming at the driving range? Do they have a specific target to aim to when they practice? As a golfer myself, I never really bothered about choosing a specific target because the range is so wide open. But let’s imagine the driving as the golf course.

Would selecting a target to aim be important on the golf course? Without a doubt the answer is yes because if we didn’t aim properly, we would probably end up in a lot of tough shots and may be penalized for missing the ideal landing areas. It is something we may not realize, but a trip to the range should be practiced as close as possible it can get to how it would be on the golf course. One thing that could be added is accuracy in selecting targets / aim training.

Do you find it easy to aim before every shot? How many out of 10 times does the ball go to that specific target? Misjudged targets or a misperception of it can cause a swing compromise so do take your aim direction importantly and practice with effectiveness and purpose.

The two players that I know of that have a good way of aiming. Can you guess who they might be? They are legends and have won so many majors. They are non-other than Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. They have a good routine in aiming. In the process of their aim, they practice with an intermediate target.

How to find an Intermediate Target

- Standing behind the ball and choose a target.

- After choosing a target, draw an imaginary line all the way to a spot (1 meter away) from where you address.

- Find an obvious spot that lines up with the distant target. This spot is called your intermediate target.

- As you prepare to aim, align your hips, your feet, your shoulders and eyes parallel lines to the intermediate target and align your clubface to the intermediate target.

Having an intermediate target will make aiming much easier and accurate.

So, the next time when you are on the range, do practice this for every shot and this will help to lower down your scores and improve your aim and direction. With the right aim, it will lead to better scores!

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