Pre Shot Routine

How often do we work on our pre shot routine and practice it on the range? With your current pre shot routine, would it be consistently the same for every routine performed? Did You know that if you went through Tiger Wood’s pre shot routine, it has been the same throughout with a simple and consistent routine.

A lot of us now may actually all have a pre shot routine but I do realize that many may not actually understand what a pre shot routine is or what does it really consist of. A pre shot routine is sequence of mental and physical practice that is done just before executing a golf shot.

A solid pre shot routine exists in every top professional golfer out there.

With a solid pre shot routine there are many advantages. A good pre shot routine allows a player to focus in to the zone and concentrate on the current task on hand. It helps to limit the anxiety and pressure that would like to creep its way in.

A pre shot routine consists of the following:

  1. A Practice swing of 2-3 practices

  2. Visualization from behind the ball to the target (From the ball to the far target, pick an intermediate target in between as this makes aligning easier from the ball to the target).

  3. Checking the wind

  4. Breathing

  5. A waggle or a movement (There are some professional golfers that likes to waggle their club or their lower body just before hitting the shot. The waggle or a movement may be a signal for them to prepare themselves for the execution of the shot that is to come.

  6. A consistent timed pre shot routine

For myself, with a solid pre shot routine, I find myself getting through the anxiety and nerves better. It helps me to personally focus and concentrate on breathing and my thoughts as that is huge for me. It also helps me to quiet down distractions I may have from walking in between shots.

Although every pre shot routine differs from each individual and it should be suited to your own personal style and what we would feel confident and comfortable with.

Mizuno Golf School Pre shot Blog

As we all know by now that golf isn’t just a physical sport but also a psychological one. I remember studying a degree in golf and one of my subjects was Psychology in golf. I realized that sometimes with us golfers, we may practice so hard but what may really separate the us from the rest is the mind. There are now so many cool training systems out there to help us. One of the well known training systems is focus band. It can be worn during the pre shot routine. It is definitely a great guide to showing you what your mind is focusing on. It teaches a golfer to think with the right brain and to quiet down unnecessary thoughts and to focus on the task.

Let’s now head to the range and work on our pre shot routine and get our scores lower! Also Mizuno Golf would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and awesome year of good health, happiness and not forgetting great golf!

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