What it Takes to be Great? A Part of Mizuno Golf School Official Launch

What it takes to be great? ​As Joe were often asked; is to live a life with substance and significance. As Joe carried on with the people who has influenced the life of others within the golf industry such as Lorena Ochoa for the children in Mexico, Angel Cabrera for the children in Argentina and KJ Choi for the children in South Korea, he spoke with the charisma and magnetism of a circus ring master preparing the kids for the ride of thier lives.

As part of the Mizuno Golf School's (MGS) official launch, we have organized a week long junior development workshop in October 17th - 23rd dedicated to the competitive junior golfers. With the presence of USPGA Master Teacher, Joe Thiel, we have invited more than 60 junior golfers and parents and 3 school golf teams to our Asia Headquarters located at the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC).

Joe, a three time teacher of the year in America has been the the lead instructor of Mizuno Golf School Japan for 14 years, passing down his knowledge and proven programs to the teachers in Japan, and now would like to do the same with the opening of Mizuno Golf School in Singapore.

"There are 9 steps formula to our program but without the last step "Life Skills and Character Development" nothing else matters." - Joe Thiel

I have had the privilaged to learn from Joe for 5 years now and what struck me about the man was his ability to provide the time for everyone who required his attention. Seeing that he has been doing this for more than 40 years and yet still does so with the same passion of a rookie teacher, I knew that Joe had great love for this beautiful game.

What moved me most when I first met him was when he told me that golf enabled him to change and mould lives: "I use golf as a vehicle to teach kids about life. Not all will leave the programme to play professionally but I make sure that they leave it as better people."

"Parents take the game too seriously so much so that kids feel the number they shoot determines how much their parents love them," Joe noted. "This just breaks down the parent/child relationship which is the key component of a great golfing career."

The greater part of the workshop is the focused on the mental development of the advanced player. Participants were introduced to a fascinating technique for developing mental prowess in order to give them an 'edge' - developed in conjunction with Nobel Prize nominees, HeartMath enables a player to literally control their hear beat and channel their energies in order to get in 'The Zone' in less than two seconds.

In the following segment, the juniors were also given instructions on advanced short game skills. They were taught not just how to play the shot, but also assess ground situations and use their imagination and different 'Go To' shots in order to make a superior approach to the hole. Joe also stressed that it is extrememly important to be solid on the short game foundations because they all translate into the long game foundations too. Putting skills were also honed as players learned how to correcntly align putts, developing a reliable stroke, reading and getting the feel for greens.

In his closing statements to the junior golfers, Joe boldly exclaimed that golf should not be their priority in life. He stressed that their priorities should first be their parents, then faith and their studies. "Golf is just one of the many things that you do but when you play, you make it your priority to play your best."

I strongly feel that the world needs more coaches like Joe Thiel. Someone who not only ensures that kids land their shots on the right side of the green, but also helps them land in the right place in society as good people with substance and significance.

We would like to thank everyone once again who came to attend our junior development workshop and the official launch of the Mizuno Golf School Headquarters. This event wouldn't be as successful without the support from everyone. If you are also intereted in enrolling in the programme, you may reach me +65 9151 8852 or email me at edmund.tan@mizuno.com.sg.

More info is available at www.mizunogolfschool.com or www.facebook.com/mizunogolfschool.

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Edmund Tan

Head of Golf Instruction

Mizuno Golf School Asia Headquarters

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