Getting to Know Joe Thiel, Mizuno Golf School Master Teacher

Joe Thiel has spent 40 years helping golfers to learn and enjoy the game of golf. He is one of only a few golf professionals in the U.S. who has earned the prestigious PGA Master Professional designation. The local PGA region has honored him as the PGA Teacher of the Year three times - in 1993, 1995, and 1997. He was also inducted into the Mercer County Hall of Fame in 1999, and into the 'Millennium Who's Who in America.' Golf Magazine has also honored Joe with the title of Top 100 Teachers in America for many years and Golf Driving Range Magazine has also honored him as one of the top 50 Teachers in America.

Some of Joe's greatest successes in teaching are also visible on the other side of the Pacific. With schools in Japan and Korea, Joe's reach has extended overseas and has been shaping the careers of some of Asia's finest golfers for over 20 years. Many of Joe's students are internationally known professionals, enjoying successes on tours in Korea, Japan and in the United States. The many articles regularly appearing in Japanese and Korean golf publications note Joe's high profile in Asia - a rare distinction for an American instructor. He also writes for several U.S. Magazines annually and is a Senior Editor for Golf Tips Magazine. He is also the Lead Instructor for Mizuno Golf and an advisor to the company.

Several of Joe's professional golfers playing in America whom he has taught for many years areMichael Putnam, Brock McKenzie and Paige McKenzie. All three grew up in the elite junior/college preparation program of World Wide Golf Schools and are now Tour Professionals.

The world-class World Wide Golf Schools and International Golf Academy were developed by Joe as a home base for his school, located at his top-rated learning center in Olympia, Washington. Over 125 yards of grass tees, 14 bunkers, 7 greens, 3 specialized wedge areas, 3 championship holes, private covered and heated instruction stations, special launch monitor practice locations, and indoor putting make this 37 acre year-round practice facility quite the competitive golfers dream. From here, aspiring young amateurs and outstanding professionals come to refine and hone their skills in teaching sessions lasting from one week to two years. Copious use of training aids, launch monitors, renowned mental programs, V-1 putting programs, and high tech video analysis enhance Joe's instruction programs. His learning center has been voted one of the finest in the United States. Each year many men and women amateurs, business people, juniors, and professionals alike join Joe and his staff in one of many programs designed for exceptional learning. Just one measure of Joe's success as a teacher would be in noting over 200 tour players, high-ranking national and state amateurs, and university varsity players have benefited from his teaching. His junior programs for the motivated student are considered some of the finest in the country.

Joe's students work hard, practice hard and are extremely motivated. Each year in the spring, he invites his current amateur students and professionals to join him for a portion of his two month winter intensive teaching program in Palm Springs, California. Here in the desert, an energetic mingling of ambitious amateurs, American, Asian, and European ranked juniors, and talented professionals create a unique blend of cultures, abilities, competition, and enthusiasm. It is rigorous indeed, but prepares each player well for the coming year.

The heart of Joe's teaching is his heart for The Lord and his ability to incorporate the ten important aspects of the learning wheel developed for all tournament players. This unique and proven concept of instruction addresses every phase of scoring golf and emphasizes mastering control of emotions. Joe developed the unique Field Club Mental Training Program. This ability to learn how your emotions effect performance can be learned by every tournament player or aspiring player and is an absolute must if one wants to become a mental master on the golf course. Joe is also on the advisory board of 'Heart Math'. This unique instruction program is designed for every player to establish their personal program of managing their emotions is the absolute finest program of it's kind in the country. Joe is a licensed personal trainer for Heart Math for both golf and business. Joe developed and owns the PGA Golf and Learning Center in Olympia, Washington - home of one of the finest First Tee Programs in the U.S. 450+ kids play, practice and take instruction at no charge. As noted by one of Joe's students, "Joe loves the game and gives it all back to his students." Joe's love for The Lord, his gift for teaching/coaching, and his genuine love of the game of golf and people are evident in the myriad of golf and personal successes of his students both nationally and internationally.

Awards and Recognition:

  • Joe voted teacher of the Year by Pacific NW PGA Section, 1997

  • Joe voted 3 time teacher of the Year by WWC PGA

  • Joe inducted into Mercer County Hall of Fame

  • Joe voted top 50 teachers in America by Golf Range Magazine, 2000-2007

  • Joe voted top 100 teacher in America by Golf Magazine, 2001-2004

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