Trackman training sessions 

Mizuno Golf school is proud to let you know that we are having trackman training sessions at our indoor facilities. 

Golfers will be able to also try out our range of Mizuno Clubs and practice using Trackman and our other training aids at the school. 

The sessions will be $60 an hour. 

You can also check out the trackman website to understand more on what it is about.

All the greatest players are using this tracking device 

contact us and find out more and get you started to training like the pros! 



Mizuno Golf School's schools program aims to introduce children to the game of Golf through fun, engaging and challenging activities that are easily adapted for a range of age groups and skill levels.

Our program model is a 5 week in school program with the 6th week in the golf course to further enhance the children’s experience. This structure can be flexible depending on the type of program schools would like to deliver.