This course aims to bring the students to a level where they can understand the Grip, Aim & Position (GAP) required for golf swings as well as understanding ball flights and how different body parts should move in unison during the swing.

Swing Image

Students will learn how to use their body and develop awareness of the movements in each body part, combining them in to a single full swing motion.  



Students will learn how to grip the club, selecting the best grip type for their hand type. An understanding of grip pressure and how different grip position can influence the direction of the clubface at impact should also be shown.


Aim & Position

Students will demonstrate how to build an athletic starting position around an accurately aimed clubface towards the intended target.  


Swing Components

Students will understand the role of Club Head Speed Producer (Forearms & Wrists), Swinger (Upper Body Turn) and the Pivot (Lower Body Pivot) and how to combine the movements.  


Ball Flight Mechanism

Students have knowledge of swing line (SL) & Club Face Orientation (FD). Using the SL x FD = FL equation, they will have knowledge of the 9 basic ball flights.  


S-W-I-N-G  T-H-E-O-R-Y

Students will understand the SWING THEORY model for checking and developing of solid repeatable golf swings.


Functions of Different Clubs & the Full Swing Motions

Students have knowledge of different clubs in their equipment. Show an understanding that the golf swing should be same, regardless of the club that is being used but that there is a need to alter the GAP in the pre swing routine.


Swing Check

Students are videoed in the areas of GAP and Full Swing motion to establish areas needed for improvement in Module A.