Mizuno Golf School’s elite golf programs are unique and proven.  In our many years existence in Japan we have champions at all levels.  Out of the same programs or the last 40 years run by our Master Instructor Joe Thiel in the US we boast the #3 ranked amateur in the world, the #1 ranked amateur in the USA and the #1 ranked junior in the USA in the last several years.  Countless tour professionals have come up through this program to have stellar careers in golf.  From the USA, China, Japan and many other nations many of the young students are winning at many levels and competing on the national scene in a very short time.  All of these young people and hundreds more come through all the steps in the program right from the beginning.  Starting from age 7 our program take kids on a well-defined road map of golf and life skill instruction. 


Our goals are simple:  To raise up juniors who are some of the fines human beings and golf champions who learn to love the game competing at the very top internationally.


We have 5 steps of progress in the program that takes students on a several year accelerated development program.  Students and their parents have an interview with the director/teachers of the program establishing all the ground rules and expectations we have for the student and parents.  To move through the steps students are required to follow the well-established formula.  The formula consists of establishing firm and secure golf and mental skill foundations along with all the necessary life foundations as well.  This includes their home life, their school life, their grades, effort, attitude, and the many character development qualities that establish great people of significance.


The Elite Player Development Program is a comprehensive training for aspring high performance golfers who are looking to become the best player they can be and have the goal of playing college golf and beyond.  The program provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to training, competing and skill development for young men and women.


Students will be instructed on the technical, physical and mental demands required to play golf at highest level. Each participant will receive opportunities for regular instruction, within a program designed around the needs of each individual. The program is extremely successful and it yields results. Participating students experience tremendous growth as young adults and have achieved many outstanding feats as competitive golfers.

Program covers but not limited to the following:


  • Swing Sessions

  • Short Game Sessions

  • Putting Sessions

  • Mental Development Sessions

  • On-Course Special Shots Session

  • On-Course Putting

  • On-Course All Short Game Session

  • On-Couse Pre-Event Strategy / Course Management Session

  • Mizuno Performance Club Fitting Session

Program includes the use of:


  • Flightscope 3D Club Data

  • V1 Pro Swing Analysis

  • Mental Golf Profile Workshop

  • HeartMath Training

  • TPI Golf Fitness