Managing our golf game can teaceh us a lot about managing our business: how to choose our tools and commit to decisions, how to think our way around or out of hazards, and how to execute under pressure.  In fact, our style of play reveals a lot about our personality, which also plays out in our work style in our day jobs. 

Through our unique Corporate Golf Program, each hole is an opportunity for the instructor and students to reflect on the similarities between golf and work. Our lessons include:

To Score

Alignment is Everything

Execute What You Can Do

Don’t Be Intimidated by the Hazards

Leave Your Mistakes Behind You

Know the Course


Over-Reliance on Equipment

Too Much Movement Makes Bad Shots

Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome

Are You Pointed at the Target?

Play the Percentages


And then Learn From It

Know Your Market

Standing Over a Putt is No Time for Doubt

You Can’t Buy a Solution to a Bad Swing

Minimize the Variables