Mizuno Golf School was founded by Mizuno Corporation Japan, developed by USPGA Master Professional, Joe Thiel.  MGS believes that to grow golf we need to not only introduce more to the game, but to also make them good at it! Our programs are designed to provide juniors a motivating experience that progresses juniors towards shooting par or better.  Our mission is to power the growth of long - term junior golf development academies to ensure every junior golfer has a chance to maximising their potential.

Our Beliefs


We believe in growing the game not only through teaching but through player development. MGS is more than just a group of golf instructors.  We are the golf artists who believe in challenging the norm, creating motivating ways for golfers to maximizing their potential.  We are constantly in the quest of excellence to ensure a fun and motivating experience that will ultimately grow the game by developeing the next generation of passionate, skilled golfers.

Our Vision


Mizuno Golf School will keep on going until there is a specialized junior golf coach, long-term golf programs and junior golf tournaments in every country in Asia. Our vision is to provide every family an opportunity to enroll their junior into an affordable long-term golf program that will not only develop the juniors into highly skilled golfers, but give them the opportunity to learn a sport that will develop life skills and character traits that will last a lifetime.











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Our daughter Ashley has been with Coach Bernie for the last seven months. Ashley has shown a lot of improvement on her technical skill, especially on her ability to hit with consistency using different clubs in different terrain at the golf course. Coach Bernie has shown to us through her enthusiasm and passion as a coach by giving her students different learning experience. 

We love her videos as it let us see what she see when they are on the golf course. Most importantly, it helps her communicate to Ashley and the video serves as an effective tool to correct her errors. In addition to this, she always make a point to give us at the end of the lesson her observations of Ashley's strengths and weakness.

Lastly, after going through two golf Pros, we were thinking of giving up golf for our daughter, but after talking to Coach Bernie with her positive encouragement and structured approach to teaching, our daughter's skill has improved dramatically. We are proud and amaze at our daughter's capabilities, but it would not have happened without Coach Bernie's dedication and coaching. We are very happy to have Coach Bernie as Ashley's coach. Thank you very much.

May Yen 

I had been with Bernie for 15 months now, her patience and technical knowledge on the sport helps me pick up thr foundation in less than 10 classes. Also due o my personal commitment , constant change of class schedule, she has never given up on me & shower me with endless encouragement 
Definitely will recommend her to others who want to engage a coach!


Mui Chen Tay 

A testimony from Waraporn 




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